The Program for the Study of Ethnicity, Race, and Culture (PSERC) is a campus-wide program of Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research. Our program’s core aim is to explore the meaning of living race in an increasingly complex racial world. We enact this vision through conducting research projects under this larger theme, convening conversations amongst academics and the public at large, and providing various “tools” to advance understanding of what race.

2016 Racial Segregation Conference: Innovations in the Measurement and Analysis of Racial Segregation 

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Measuring Components of Race Data Library

Measuring Race Faces

How much data is available that provides multiple measures of race? We commonly use (or think we are using) race as reported from the person, but many datasets provide their race information from the interviewer or a proxy respondent, or ask respondents how they think others see them. Some data provide information on physical characteristics that are connected to race, such as skin tone and hair texture.

Several datasets provide multiple race measures and PSERC aims to facilitate access by providing a library of all datasets that understand race as complex, complicated, and therefore best conveyed with multiple measures.

Measuring Race Faces 2

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